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The story of a great dog named Bruiser.


 A man in Pennsylvania was breeding and selling Saint Bernardís.  This man couldnít sell one of the puppies because he had 2 bad hips.  The man called the Saint Bernard Rescue and asked if the rescue would take the puppy Bruiser or he was putting him down.


Poor Bruiser had been left to roam outside, didnít even know his name, and was never given any toys.  Bruiser had never been to the vet, and was in constant pain from both his legs. 


The rescue took Bruiser in and my husband and I offered to foster him.  


When Bruiser was 18 months old we had raised enough money to have one hip replaced.  Poor Bruiser had to wait another 18 months for his second hip. 

Yard Sales, Pirate Nights, Halloween Haunts, donations, all helped to pay for his hips.


The second hip was put in just 2 weeks ago.  Sadly, the splint holding the implant in place broke and Bruiser has to have surgery again.


Bruiser is like most dogs - he is so brave, doesnít cry even though heís in so much pain.  Bruiser has to be on pain pills around the clock until his next surgery.  He has been so patient and the recuperation from the surgeries is so long.   


Bruiser is scheduled for surgery next week. 


The surgeon, Dr. Burian is a tremendous doctor.  He had told us that since the hip was in such bad shape it was 50/50 that the operation would succeed. 


This next surgery he will try a couple of techniques with cement or he might have to do an FHO as a last resort.


We especially want to mention that Dr. Burian has been giving us special rates for Bruiser and other rescue dogs that have needed orthopedic care.  

Dr. Burian and his staff have been exceptional and we wish to make it known that they have done so much for so many rescues.


Due to the emergency surgery that Bruiser has to have, we donít have time to raise the money needed.  We are asking for donations to help with the cost.  Any amount is appreciated. 




Money can be paid directly to the vet by phone or mail: 

Providence Square Vet Clinic

Dr. Burian

1035 Providence Square

Virginia Beach, VA  23464

(757) 495 Ė 2961

PayPal at top of this page.
Please make sure you let them know itís for Bruiser.
Thank you for any donations and prayers you can give.
Jim & Debbie

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Our Mission

To act as a shepherd for Saint Bernard dogs and puppies that are without suitable caretakers and are in need of help; to shelter the homeless; to care for and find homes for the unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused; to feed the hungry; to provide medical services to the sick, injured and lame; to assist in the rescue of those subjected to conditions hazardous to their well-being or to confinement in government or private shelter, who without intervention would be needlessly Euthanize; to provide for the humane disposition of those not sound in mind, body or temperament; to educate the public as to the characteristics of, and proper care for, the breed so as to promote compatible, loving, lasting home/family placements; to educate the public as to responsible pet ownership so as to prevent accidental litters and to prevent inhumane trafficking in puppies and dogs, and so as to promote the most humane manner of disposition of pets at journey's end; to encourage, promote and support research respecting the breed that explores or improves relations between the breed and owners or sheds light on the causes of abandonment, neglect or abuse, or promotes the public's understanding of the special characteristics and attributes of the breed or that is designed to improve the welfare of the breed in any manner. Though the Foundation is established to provide services primarily to the Saint Bernard, the foundation will not refuse services to any dog in need of immediate and caring attention.

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